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We are an independent creative studio dedicated to mobile and social gaming.

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Defyn State of Mind

DEFYN is a relatively small creative studio with a passion for mobile and social gaming. We view our size as a significant advantage and offer a much more personable approach to the creative process in comparison to our abundantly employed competition.

We don't pitch marketing gimmicks and aren't impressed with your obnoxious, overused, business jargon. It is our addiction to vibrant colors, artistic collaboration and stellar design, that fuel us to convey unique style while continuously feeding our appetite for creativity. We are the bold, artistic, coffee-consuming creatives sent to provide design goodness.

On behalf of everyone at DEFYN, thanks for visiting and supporting our games.

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Mean Mallows - App icon

Mean Mallows

As darkness falls upon a dim-lit campfire, the last brave candy bar fights to save a campsite from Mega-Graham's vast army of evil marshmallows and graham cracker zombies. Help Choco battle against hordes of Mean Mallows and protect the campgrounds from Mega-Graham's sinister plot to kill all chocolate-kind to use for s'mores.

Available on the iPhone App Store

Mechanical Bull: Record Breaker - App icon

Mechanical Bull: Record Breaker

Hang on tight for a fast paced, white-knuckled thrill ride, as MBRB pushes you to the limit. Choose from a selection of characters and compete to stay on the bull as long as possible. Keep your balance and test your reflexes while the bull bucks, spins, and accelerates. Dare to score high and prepare to get brutally owned by this mechanical monster. MBRB will keep you on edge, while leaving you begging for more.

Available on the iPhone App Store

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